Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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1. What are the safety features of the F4 Flight Controller?

There are 3 different power modes for all different pilot skill levels. Automatic dial down in the case of any signal interruption also known as “safe fall”. Flashing LED indicator for low battery. The ability to change modes is only possible if the transmitter is turned off.

2. What happens when the battery runs out?

When the battery runs low the LED lights will flash on the remote letting the operator know the battery level is getting low. After two minutes of flashing, the transmitter will force a slow dial down of the brain unit and the pilot will not be able to rise above power level 1 until the battery is replaced.

3. Does it float?

Yes! It is completely sealed and will always float. There is also a lanyard attached for your convenience.

4. When I am flying the F4 Flight Controller how do I know another radio frequency won’t interfere? Like if someone is using a drone?

We use a digital encoding process that eliminates unintentional reception as well as a low gain receiver that only picks up extremely strong close range signals. We also have many different transmission frequencies.  If there is any type of interference that is what safe fall is there for.