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Ben Merrell on “The Duck”
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Welcome to Flytronics

Flytronics is a company built out of necessity for those who want to enjoy Hydroflight sports to the fullest using the Flyboard®, Hoverboard, JetBlade, Jetpack, & Jetovator. We are a group that loves to fly over the water and wanted to create products that would make that love easier and safer. The name came from joining “Fly” and “Electronics” together to create the simplest definition of what we do. Our goal is that our products are a reflection of the dedication we have to the sport of Hydroflight.

Latest on Flytronics

The F4 Flight Controller is here!

The team at Flytronics is proud to announce that our final product is here!  With our final product, the F4 Flight Controller, you will be flying above the water in no time!  We have worked endlessly to bring you a product that we are proud of and excited to bring to market.  The F4 has all the features of a product you will be proud to own.  With the new “Safe Fall” technology installed on every model, you can rest assured that your flight will be smooth and flawless.

We are looking at shipping the first models in early May with the 2nd batch following shortly after.  We can take orders now and will be fulfilling them in the order we receive them. If you are interested in purchasing a F4 Flight Controller please contact us at –

“The Duck” coming soon

Flytronics has started working on the Wireless water jetpack throttle.  The design and molding of the product has been completed and the first testing will be conducted this weekend, February 7th.

Flytronics owners Ben Merrell and Jeff Elkins will be flying to Shanghai, China to begin manufacturing of parts for the wireless remote control throttle, the “Duck” which will go into production and begin distribution end of February, early March.  Please stay tuned for more updates!

Flytronics Wireless Remote “The F4 Flight Controller”

Featuring “The F4 Flight Controller” on

Our Remote Control Throttle (RCT), aptly named “TheF4 Flight Controller”, is a unique wireless remote that allows a flyer to control the jet-ski with no additional rider.  The RCT features an on/off switch, multiple skill modes, multiple safety ski power down modes, rechargeable battery and lanyard.

Flytronics Services

At Flytronics we’re happy to offer any information on a Hydroflight service that you might need such as flyboarding, jetblading, Hoverboarding,  the jetovator, or the water jetpack. Feel free to contact us with any request you might have. We are dedicated to innovation in Hydroflight!

Latest Products

Wireless RCT (Remote Control Throttles) – “The F4 Flight Controller”

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We are an established firm that is dedicated at improving the Hydroflight experience for the Hydroflight Community. With the input of Ben Merrell, Pro Hydroflight athlete and Jeff Elkins, Mastermind extraordinaire; we are excited to bring you amazing and reliable products! You can find about us on Wikipedia here.